Missing for 22 Year +- Police cover up

Updated: Jun 12

When Christina was first reported missing at the age of 19 years. She allegedly had a boyfriend called Anushka Dharmasiri (DOB 19/02/1981) disappeared the same day. It is also reported that the day Christina disappeared, he had gone to Christina's house in Gampaha at around 1 pm and told her mother, that if any thing happens to Christina that he will not be responsible. Also another suspect in this who may have helped Anushka to make disappear is Anushka's farther, Ananda Dharmasiri.

When I tried to report this and make an entry at Gampaha Police Station they laughed and said they have eloped together. I would like to ask the Gampaha Police, if they were helping Anushka and Ananda Dharmasiri. Ananda Dharmasiri is also an elusive character and he hadn't reported that his son was missing until we questioned him about 5 days later. Also the father of Anushka have lied about his whereabouts of the day Christina went missing.

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